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*I couldn't be happier with my Trinity model McClanahan mandolin.  It's only been strung up for five days when I played it on stage for the first time.  It already has a vintage tone and an "old soul" tone.      Wayne Benson of Russell Moore and III Tyme Out

*I have owned my McClanahan mandolin for only a short time and I will never have a reason to own another.  It has that old vintage tone only found in

  the 20's era Lloyd Loar. It plays like a hot knife through butter and craftsmanship is second to none! Jonathan is a good man that builds a great

  mandolin.  Highly recommended!        Chris Davis of Wild Fire, Larry Cordel & LST, Diamond Rio

​Cell: 615-557-3342

*My name is Jordan Lawson and I play for the "Railers". We tour all over the country and my McClanahan mandolin is the only mandolin I use.  It's

  bark is amazing and the first thing I noticed was, now matter how hard I play it live, it maintains it's warmth and woody tone while it's volume

  is still so loud. The chop is incredible, it's playability is perfect and it's visual stunning. McClanahan mandolins are equal to any high end mandolin

  on the market today.         Jordan Lawson of the "Railers"

* Jonathan built me one of his Descending Dove models! It's my prized possession of all my instruments. It's knee deep in tone and volume! I love it!        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Steve Autry, Tennessee

*I have been a professional bluegrass fiddle player for over 30 years.  I've played with Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Jim and Jesse, Carl Story and many others. I recently had the chance to play a McClanahan F-5. It had fabulous playability with amazing volume and a very "warm sweet tone" like a Loar that you don't have to overplay.      Gordon Reed,  Tennessee

*I am so impressed with Jonathan McClanahan's mandolins I have ordered 3 of them! First was a Trinity, then a Descending Dove and my latest

  is a Lineage model with Herringbone trim to match my Trinity. All three are perfectly consistent and have the exact tonal qualities and  

  volume. My Trinity mandolin is my primary instrument. It does it all! It has sustain and volume like no other mandolin I

  have heard. Many players have compared it's voice to the finest most collectable F-5 mandolins ever built.          Bill Duvall, Virginia

  *I am a Radio Talk Show Host and an active musician in the Northern California San Francisco, Sacramento area. I had been looking at many of the high end  

    Collings, Gibson etc... mandolins but I ended up hoosing one of Jonathan's Trinity mandolins. I couldn't recommend Jonathan's mandolins more highly. If   

    you are looking for that Loar sound, get a McClanahan mandolin.          Jack Armstrong, California   

*I have been a working musician for the past 38 years. I have played with the Rarely Herd and am currently a 4 year staff member with the Ohio Valley

 Opry band. I own a 1934 Gibson F-5 Fern and I have played many Loars, but my Trinity stands equal to them all. We worked closely together through 

 the whole process from start to finish. The volume and tone blew me away and the finish is true Monroe style! The chop is incredible, even in G! My

 Trinity exhibits all  of the dimensions and maturity equal to the finest mandolins that have ever been built.         Roy Mays, West Virginia

*After searching for a couple of years for someone to build me a high end F-5 mandolin, I came across Jonathan McClanahan's website and was   

  absolutely blown away by what I saw and heard.  I ordered  one of Jonathan's Trinity models. It was finished right on schedule and 

  exceeded every expectation! I drove clear from Wisconsin to pick up my mandolin because I wanted to personally meet this very honest and talented

  man. My Trinity is absolutely gorgeous and it sounds incredible!           Larry Mullins, Wisconsin

*My name is Michael Meech and I live in the UK. I flew all the way from the UK to pick up my Descending Dove. I wanted to meet Jonathan and

  get my picture with him and my mandolin in his shop. My Descending Dove is my primary instrument.  In my opinion, there's no choice. You

  have to have one!        Michael Meech,  UK


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