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Revoicing a mandolin is a delicate process where the instrument is in essence, "rebuilt", to obtain it's optimal tone, volume, playability and cosmetic potential. Below are a couple of the many instruments I have revoiced.

Restoring an F2 like this one is very rewarding because I was able to bring it back to it's original playable condition. I added X bracing to the top and gave it a bluegrass chop that rivals most F5's yet maintains the warmth these beautiful mandolins are known for. I have restored many instruments that have been marked off as "Wall hangers" like this one, that would have never been played again. Yet with time and attention, these instruments can be brought back to their full glory, and in many ways, better than their original condition and sound. The top was sagging and had multiple hairline cracks, and the neck extension on the left side was barely visible.

  • Wayne Benson McClanahan F5 medley1:53